Solutions Overview

No matter what industry or sector you are in, with DSSS as a single point of accountability, you can free your mind from the security concerns of your business. With more than a decade of experiences in designing and implementing the breakthrough solutions in this sensitive area, our team of specialists has the expertise to address your needs and let you have an e-security peace of mind.

All-in-One Authentication

Security remains as the greatest concern of every organization that implements sensitive electronic transactions. With the greater pose of frauds and attacks, the simple authentication solution through the use of a password ("something you know") is no longer sufficient to protect the highly sensitive information that is being transmitted over the wire.

Certificate Authority

The Internet offers incredible opportunities to deliver products, services and information to an exploding global marketplace. However, a trust infrastructure similar to that used by credit cards and paper-based applications must be established before it can be used as the conduit for e-business. A certificate authority solution is the answer.

Secure File Delivery

DSSS Secure File Delivery (SFD) is a well-known guaranteed secure file transfer that fulfills all critical information distribution in government and enterprise.

XML Data Transformation

As more organizations and enterprises depend on data and information daily for all aspects of their business, the increasing demand for a common data form that all systems within and without can understand is becoming extremely crucial and critical.

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